Our Members

All-Ukrainian charitable organization “Association of Charities of Ukraine” is an independent, nonprofit, nonpolitical charitable organization, founded in Kyiv and has been active since 2011.



If you are a NGO organization or volonteer/charity organization whose purpose are in accordance with the Goal and Mission of Association of Charities of Ukraine, you can join our activities in accordance with the Regulations on membership from Association of Charities of Ukraine.

Please fill in and submit an application for entry to the Network and send it to [email protected]


Every representative of the Ukrainian people has to understand that s/he is in the highlight, s/he is the main character, and much depends on her/his contribution. Our views are shared by tens of thousands of people and hundreds of organizations. They have succeeded themselves and are prepared to help their country.


We are deeply grateful to all working with us and supporting us. Our joint action is very important, because due to it Ukraine is getting better every day. We invite everyone sharing our goals and principles to support our Association. Together we can do more! God bless Ukraine! “Glory to Ukraine!”


Our members: https://vboabu.org.ua/abumembers