Our Projects


The largest projects of the Association of Charities of Ukraine:


  • “Green Book of the Ukrainian Charity” is an annual expert study of the state of Ukrainian charity in the past year. Експерти провадять суспільні консультації щодо шляхів розвитку благодійності в Україні.The experts conduct public consultations on how to develop philanthropy in Ukraine.


  • The introduction of interest-based philanthropy in Ukraine – since 2012, the Association of Charities of Ukraine conducts advocacy and lobbying campaigns, aimed at the introducing interest-based philanthropy in Ukraine. On its initiative, a working group was set up, which worked out a working version of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine for the Support of Non-Profit Organizations”, which would regulate the mechanisms of interest-based philanthropy.


  • The Ukraine Assistance Fund is the official representative of the Association of Charities of Ukraine in the United States. The Ukraine Assistance Fund is excited to provide everyone the opportunity to find their own method of charitable assistance to Ukraine.


  • “Charity Compass of Ukraine” is a public rating of charitable organizations that publish their annual tax reports and are present in the Internet space. The rating has been conducted since 2022.  The rating of charitable organizations is an open system of evaluating their activities, an opportunity to publicly confirm their transparency and accountability, and to show the effectiveness of work with the funds involved.
    Thanks to the “Charity Compass of Ukraine” rating, charitable organizations receive a “star” of trust from society for their further transparent and effective work, increasing public awareness of their activities and the possibility of increasing the financing of charitable programs. More about this project: https://compass.vboabu.org.ua/