The National Competition “Charitable Ukraine-2021” 1 June 2022 10:00

The Organizing Committee and the Expert Council of the National Charitable Ukraine Competition announce the date and scheme of publishing the results of the 15th Charitable Ukraine-2021 National Competition. 

Dear Friends!

We would like to inform you that the Organizing Committee of the National Charitable Ukraine Competition has decided to publish the results of the 15th Charitable Ukraine-2021 National Competition on June 6, 2022 (Monday) at 15:00. The winners and winners in 18 nominations will be announced on the competition website, in which the Organizing Committee and the expert council have determined the winners this year. In addition, it will be known who will be awarded special honors of this year’s Competition. Due to the active hostilities in some regions of Ukraine, the temporary occupation of cities and villages of our country, we have made a difficult decision to postpone the award ceremony and a personal meeting with you online. Also at the meeting of the Organizing Committee of the National Competition “Charitable Ukraine-2021” it was decided to cancel all regional competitions this year. Some regional initiatives, according to the decision of the Organizing Committee, will be awarded additional special honors.

This year the “Angel of Victory” award #angel_of_ Victory (in the form of a small ceramic sculpture of an angel decorated with amber) will be presented in honor of those who selflessly serve the people of Ukraine at the call of their heart: our volunteers. Those who, despite difficulties and dangers, come to the rescue, rescuing and helping others by their duty and often self-sacrifice. By giving up their own lives, volunteers help others to live. Let those who come later make sure that the heroic names of the volunteers are not forgotten. (

We all sincerely thank our defenders and philanthropists and volunteers for their invaluable and important contribution and help for every day of their lives!

Every day we all bring Ukraine closer to victory!

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