About nomination People’s Philanthropist 30 January 2024 15:14

“People’s Philanthropist” is one of the special nominations of the National Contest “Charitable Ukraine”. The People’s Philanthropist is unique in that both the nomination and evaluation of nominees for this title are delegated by Ukrainians. Any organization or individual engaged in charity/volunteering in Ukraine can become a People’s Philanthropist. An impoce of an impeccable business and public reputation and high professional qualities in the field of charity/volunteering, a set of confirmed information about the nominee.

Nomination of candidates for the People’s Philanthropist nomination is carried out in the following way
-an email is sent to the contest address [email protected].
The subject line of the email should read: “People’s Philanthropist“.
The letter must contain a brief biographical note and description of the activities of the nominee organization or individual; a link to the nominee’s website, blog, or Facebook page; and several photos.


Please note that the nominee’s biography and photo are a prerequisite for participation in the contest. In accordance with the “Regulations on the People’s Philanthropist”, the Organizing Committee reserves the right not to allow the nominee to vote (participate in this nomination) without additional coordination of information with the nominee or applicant.

The nomination period lasts until April 30, 2024 (inclusive). Voting will start after all applications submitted to the Competition are fully registered, the list of candidates is approved by the Organizing Committee and published on the websites. The Organizing Committee will additionally notify all nominees of the start of voting by e-mail.


The winner will be announced after the end of voting and vote counting (approximately in early June 2024).

The winner will be awarded at a gala award ceremony in the summer of 2024.


More information: https://vboabu.org.ua/news/6103.html